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Our Story

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Creating Your Home and Haven isn't just clever copy. It's a creed that forms the basis of what R Design Studio is. By focusing on giving you, our clients, creative, practical, and aesthetically pleasing spaces while working with your lifestyle, budget and personal taste, we manage to transform your home into a space that reflects the best version of it while remaining personally you.

R Design Studio began with Ramee Cyr-Patterson in Toronto over twenty years ago. Formally educated in Interior Design and cutting her teeth at the prestigious firm of Powell & Bonnell Design, she returned to her rural small town roots with a move back to Simcoe to creating her own studio - and family to go with it - in 2005.

"Ramee...specializes in both residential and commercial Interior Design but always likes to take a personal and eclectic approach in her work...while deriving ideas, and style, from a broad and diverse range of often vintage sources, thus helping her create a unique style this is noticeably hers." - Live Small Town Magazine, Spring 2019

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