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The Latest Lighting Trends and my Droolworthy Designer Faves

Lighting is important to any successful design scheme. It greatly affects how a room looks and feels along with how it functions. Placement, style, materials, and finishes all need to be considered in both a practical and aesthetic way so your rooms have the impact you envision for them.

If you've been looking lately, you may have noticed a bit of a shift in decorative lighting trends. I thought I'd share some of the key styles out there now, along with some of my droolworthy favourites I've recently sourced for some of my clients (and maybe myself). I hope this summary and collection of beautiful lighting will inspire you in your own home.

1. Lighting as a Focal Point and Oversized

Homeowners are seeking unique light fixtures for lots of impact. This is shown in unusual shapes, interesting materials or combinations, and just being more daring when it comes to selecting decorative light fixtures. The oversized pendant continues to be a popular choice to take center stage and make a beautiful design statement. We have also seen the return of the multi-leveled chandeliers which are great if you have a space with height to showcase one in.

2. Sculptural Lighting

In a similar vein to lighting as a focal point, statement sculptural shapes add a soft organic beauty to a room. It's blending modern minimalism with nature's beauty for a nurturing yet elegant aesthetic.

3. Rattan and Rope Lighting

Homeowners have been gravitating towards more sustainable materials in design choices and lighting is no different. Natural materials like rattan/bamboo and hemp rope, for instance, along with cane, blown glass, and ceramics are popular and beautiful.

4. Plaster Lighting

It’s natural material and its chalky white color are clean and fresh. It can also look great in a range of spaces in both traditional and more modern homes.


Highlight: Sustainability

On the same topic of using natural and sustainable materials, we are looking towards more eco-friendly options when it comes to our lighting. This is also shown in the increasing use of LED lighting because it continues to be energy efficient, but also because it gives designers the flexibility to creatively design a space.


5. LED and Smart Lighting

As lighting technology has improved and become more accessible, homeowners are jumping on this trend and having lots of fun with it. Motion sensors, dimming and warm-to-cool options all with the touch of a button on a remote or app - or if touchless is more your thing, voice activated, too. For shelving or mood lighting where a plug or the cord detracts from your design, or when you don't have existing power for a fixture and want to skip on the cost of an electrician, rechargeable battery powered LED light bulbs are a brilliant way to go. How amazing is that?

6. Mood Lighting

A well designed room should ideally have 3 types of lighting: Overall, Task, and Accent/Mood. Mood lighting is about layering your lighting to have the flexibility to change the light level in a space and create the mood you are after. In addition to your pot lights or ceiling fixtures, layering with beautiful table and floor lamps that can provide a warmer and softer light. Have you noticed people are putting table lamps on their kitchen counters? Wall sconces that can also provide a task and add to the mood, such as picture lighting, have seen a resurgence in living spaces and hallways. And various LED light options can help set the mood and highlight cool details, and it's flexibility have enabled us to create mood lighting in new ways. We see it in backlit or lit mirrors, stairwell spots or nosing strips, handrail strip lighting, shower niches and ceilings, under floating cabinets and toekicks, tray ceiling strip lighting, backlit tvs... really, anywhere there is a need or desire for a mood or accent lighting.

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Designer Tip:

Want to place those beautiful light fixtures without cord management killing the mood? Our new friend the rechargeable battery light bulb opens up so many options for placement and mood lighting. It's truly a game changer!

(There are definitely times when it is worthwhile to have your lights hardwired but when you can, do away with those cords!)


I hope you're feeling informed and inspired when you're ready to update your lighting. Sometimes making a small change in what you use to see your home can make a brilliant change in how you see your home.

Yours in Design,


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