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5 Quick and Easy Exterior updates to boost your Home's curb appeal this Summer

Summer is here! And if you haven't already given your home a curb appeal boost, I'm here to give you some quick and easy ways to update your home exterior - for you and your guests.

No matter whether your home is new or or old, and even if there are more exterior projects you may need to tackle at a later date, making a few of these changes will make a big difference.

1. Paint your Front Door

A fresh coat or two of paint on your entry door is a great way to add a pop to the front of your home. And it's something you can easily complete in a day. The front door is for welcoming your guest (and yourself) and you want it to draw your eye and lead you towards.

With so many colours to choose from, you'll want to determine the look and feel you're after. Whether you want it bold and bright, soft and pretty, or dark and muted, knowing this will help narrow down what colour range you're after. Keep in mind if it will complement your existing exterior colour scheme and style.

Make sure to prep properly by choosing the proper paint, brushes and rollers for your door's material. Be cautious of sheen if your door is an old wood door; the higher the sheen the more any bumps or imperfections will show. In general, I prefer a good exterior paint in eggshell or going no higher than pearl/satin for sheen finish on doors.

Great front door colours to consider are:

Deep Green as shown here on my own front door from my 2020 ORC front yard and porch makeover.

You can read all about it and see the crazy transformation and reveal here.

Light Sage Green

Credit - Country Living

Colour used: Sherwin Williams Artichoke

Rich Blues

Credit: On Sutton Place

Colour Used: Sherwin Williams Naval Blue

Powdery Watery Blues

Credit: HGTV

Colour used: Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue

Dark Charcoal or Rich Grey-Browns

Credit: Studio McGee

Colour Used: Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal

The Classic Black, but also look at tinted blacks.

Credit: Elm Drive Designs

Colour Used: Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron

The tinted blacks have always been a favourite of mine to inject the bold sophistication of black with subtle hints of different hues and making it a touch softer.

2. Update your Lighting

Another quick and easy thing is to change up your decorative lighting. Think of it like jewelry on your home. It doesn't have to be expensive and yet can make a big impact.

To bring the house bling, start by looking at your home's style. What finish scheme compliments it? What kind of light is needed? Will it cast light where you want it to? Will the space work for whichever shape you fancy or do you require a smaller profile?

Here are some of the latest exterior lights I've noticed while sourcing for clients lately:

Low-Mid $ Options:

Credit: Matteo

Mid-High $ Options:

Credit: Lighthouse Co.

3. Layer Your Door Mats

You don't have to choose between a door mat or a larger decorative area rug. Why not both? Layer a really nice rug with a fun door mat on top of it.

It's similar to adding an area rug to ground the space in a room or adding a mat to a framed photo. This small detail can really level up your entryway game! Depending on your style, the larger bottom rug can be striped, buffalo checked, geometric or a soft neutral while the door mat above can be a coir based rug to suit your personality and mood. Have fun with it!

I recently put these combination options together for a client. Here we were going for a bold black contrast against a warm grey surface, and then the warmth of the natural coir with either a fun pattern or a welcoming hello:

4. Change up Those House Numbers

It doesn't occur to a lot of people to update those house numbers that have been hanging there since the home was built. In many cases, we're talking decades. Like several decades. They may function, but why not utilize that function to serve as a gorgeous design detail? One that can reflect the style and look you're after.

After style, important things to consider are placement, size, and orientation. Often the placement could be better for visibility while additionally acting as a design feature. The size can be increased, the orientation could be changed up, or it could be done with letters, including your street name as well. They could be on the house beside the front door, or above the garage, on the corner of your house, or installed on an architectural feature wall or fence. House numbers can be mounted floating or flat on the surface, or on a decorative plaque. If the numbers don't have decorative lighting to highlight them there are options such as an illuminated LED sign or the numbers themselves can be lit. The options are endless!

Here are some cool examples I found to spark your creativity:

Credit: House Numbers Canada

5. Planters with Greenery and Flowers

You know me and my love of plants, so you can expect I would suggest putting some greenery and flowers out there!

Depending on the space you have, determine how you can inject some colour and seasonal floral decor. It livens up your curb appeal and really injects a sense of life and welcome when you and your guests approach your door.

Planters on either side of your door, one or a cluster, on the stairs, hanging from the porch, window boxes or planter boxes, Like the other decor you add, consider the planter style so it complements your look and colour scheme. As for the plants, they can be anything from tropicals, to boxwood, to a mix of seasonal plants and flowers. Consult your garden centre or someone in the know if you're not sure how to arrange or what will handle the elements unique to your space. Or if you really want to make it easy, there are ready made combo planters that you can just pop into your decorative planter. Most importantly, have some fun with it and try something new!

Credit: L-R Becki Owens / Southern Living / The Everyday Farmhouse / Rachel Home and Life

So, are you ready to spruce up the front of your home and boost your curb appeal? You'll be surprised by how switching up or adding simple little things like painting your door, updating your lighting and house numbers, layering rugs and mats, and adding some decorative planters with greenery and flowers will make such a big impact.

And if you feel really adventurous and have a big enough porch or patio, freshen it up with furniture and decor to complete the look. Happy Front Exterior Decorating!

Yours in Design,


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