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Create your Great Home Office Series: Finding the Right Spot

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Are you currently working from home at your kitchen table, on your lap on the sofa or perhaps a converted ping pong table? With everything going on in the world you may be finding yourself working from home right now. Some of you for the first time, and some for a while but maybe you haven't had the time to put one together properly. Your home office should be a space you love that promotes focus, creativity and productivity. If yours isn't cutting it, keep reading - because I'm here to help!

In the first part of the Great Home Office series, I'm beginning with the question of Where to put it! Not everyone has an extra room to dedicate, so I am showcasing some cool home office inspo in different rooms of the home. The hope is to give you some ideas and get you thinking about how you can use your spaces differently. And that perhaps some simple rearranging can give you the start of a perfect office space for you!

While my main focus in this post is on home work space locations within other rooms of your home, I first have to first share some dreamy separate Home Offices that I think are too good to not share! I would love to have an main floor Den/Office by my front door with lots of windows and sunlight...someday perhaps!

Check out this new to the squares home office created by Studio McGee in their own new home! They decided to go dark for the hubby's office in contrast with all of the light everywhere else. The dark wall paneling and millwork against the light warm furniture and door are just stunning!

Here's a lighter and more feminine Home Office by Raena Interiors. I love the blonde and brass details with the gray and black to keep it warm, and the cane or linen cabinet door panels are a beautiful touch.

A dark industrial glam looking Home Office by Kate Marker Interiors with the dramatic textured seagrass wall covering, light linen drapery, and industrial inspired furniture and chandelier.

And lastly to the light and airy Scandi Boho home office with lots of natural textures, white, and vintage by Amber Interiors.

And for the rest of us that don't have an extra room and wonder where to make space for one? Let's begin the search...

Your Living Room or Family Room could be a great place for your work space. Can you fit a desk or an open console table behind your sofa if it's out in the room?

As shown here above from Digsdigs and below from House Seven Design & Build.

I recently did a decor plan for a client with a desk in front of the Living Room window. In this image below by Emily Henderson you can see how it fits in nicely and makes good use of space most don't know what to do with.

Or do you have a corner or nook that can be transformed like this below? Found on Micasarevista.

Another room that may work for you is combining it or tucking it into your Mudroom. Here is a nice and bright example found on DecorPad.

An often under utilized room is the separate Dining Room. For most it goes unused except for entertaining a few times a year. If you have one that is hardly used I suggest you turn it into an office/library/den you will love and use all of the time, with the ability to transform to a Dining Room when needed. This Dining Room/Office combo by TorontoDesigners is a beautiful example.

Another version of this idea is shown in this casual Dining Room of Designing Vibes, where the homeowner had a separate work desk but found she was always going back to her dining table. So she created the office she needed with built-in seating for comfort but also to house the needed office supplies and printer below. If you required more storage, it could be flanked with bookcases and cabinets similar to above.

If you have a decent size stair landing and hallway, you may be wasting the potential for this precious piece of real estate. It can be a perfect spot to tuck a home office, with either a free-standing desk as found on DecorPad below.

Or this clean modern built-in desk area by Emily Henderson as seen here. I recently designed a stair landing family office with plenty of built-in cabinetry for two work stations, including a comfy window seat for family reading and company.

Another room to consider is in your Master Bedroom. Unless it will make you stay up all night working, it can be a room that is already your sanctuary and keeps you away from the noise of a busy household. It can be as simple as this by DIY Playbook with a desk and picture ledges in a corner by the window.

And I love incorporating bedrooms with a writing desk as a bedside table on the window side, with a wonderful example found on DecorPad below.

So....I hope these images and concepts help you take a fresh look around your house or apartment to decide the best place to create your great home office. What room will it be for you?

I will leave you for now to figure out the best spot for your home office. I think it has become more important than ever with so many of us now working entirely from home for the next while at least.

I will be back soon to help you with next steps in our Create your Great Home Office Series. I still need to share my home office design essentials, expert tips and I will even get science nerdy about how your work space can improve your productivity! So make sure to subscribe to get the link as soon as it's out!

In the meantime, I would love to hear from you! Tell me about your existing home office and what your plans are to make it work better. I'd love to hear what you need help with!

Stay healthy and be kind. We are all in this together and we will get through this!

Your Designer, and Modern Boho Mom,



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