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In the Final Stretch - ORC Week 7 Front Porch & Garden

So we are into the final stretch of the One Room Challenge and our Front Porch and Garden Project. It has been such an amazing experience working on a personal home project and sharing it's progress weekly. To be honest, I think having the deadline has helped push me to get it done, so it feels good to know that it is almost there and can then be enjoyed for the entire summer and on.

Lots of progress has been made this week, and I worked my butt off most evenings and over the weekend to get as much done as I could. With a heat wave progressively building during the week I wanted to get the painting done before the weekend when it got into the high 30s. So I was so happy to have finished it by Friday night.

We finished mulching and placing the decorative rocks in the garden.

I painted both privacy screens and the patio planter/bench.

And I also removed the ivy from the house. I was torn and wanted to wait and decide what to do with it once I saw everything else come together. Along with some opinions from you and once I was able to look at it with fresh eyes I could see it made sense to remove it. I really did love it on the house for quite some time, but as it has now transitioned to a more clean and modern look the ivy just takes away from the rest of the aesthetic. And with the added black architectural elements of the privacy screens and the shutters still to come, there needs to be more of the red brick exposed to balance with the black. So down it came...

Here is a look after the ivy was removed. There are definitely some ivy bits still on the brick and the soffits, and I've taken down what I can until it gets a pressure wash. But that is just not going to happen before the please don't judge me and my overall project for the remaining ivy bits. And let me know if you have recommendations for a good pressure washer. :)

I was kind of sad to see the ivy go, and I actually tried to keep the one branch that was wrapping around to the side of the house. But in the tangle of branches I accidentally cut the final decision was made, and I'm sure it was for the best. My neighbour across the street was taking out lilies from his garden and I planted them all along that side of the house, so hopefully they will fill in and add some greenery among the gas meter and air conditioner.

My love and I went on a shopping trip for some finishing items this week, and we had to travel out of town to find the fountain in stock. I set it up yesterday, and other than finding a plant to put in the top it is in place and working, and I am loving it already. It was just the right element to finish the garden space.

Bonus: When this house was built they had installed a foyer switch for the front exterior outlet for Christmas lights. It is perfect for turning the fountain on and off!

And I was able to hide the extension cord under the mulch and the extension cord and plug are connected behind the garbage/recycling privacy screen out of sight!

While we were in the city shopping we went to Urban Barn and picked up these beautiful outdoor cushions....they look like regular cushion covers that add a soft pretty pattern and they were on sale. Win win!

Here is a glimpse of the other cushion on our existing chairs and table, and our new lantern with glow led candle from Indigo. I was going to paint and get a candle for an old lantern we already had, but this went on sale so I couldn't resist. :)

I decided to keep the two original concrete planters on the porch, and moved them to the other side surrounding the tall planter. And today I just bought a tropical and some succulents and planted them in the empty one. You can also see a wee hint of the new area rug...It looks sooo good in place! But I have to leave some surprises for the big reveal!

Today I also bought these gorgeous arrangements and planted them in the long planter/bench with one on each side. I also bought 1/4" decorative white rock to put on top, but I have to finish and install the bench boards first.

So what do I have left to do?

I've nixed the small log slice table. I've decided it just isn't needed and would only clutter it up. Bonus, that takes something off of my list!

But I still have these things to do...

  • Clear coat and install the bench boards on the planter

  • Add the remaining soil and Decorative rocks in planter

  • Install the shutters - they are supposed to arrive tomorrow

  • Install the house numbers? Unfortunately I just got notification that they have been delivered to an address in CA California :( So I will be following up on that tomorrow...

  • Touch up painting of the green table

  • Tile the front door step...the tiles have not arrived yet, so I'm not sure if it can possibly happen before the final reveal deadline

  • Style and Photograph! Woo hoo!

  • Enjoy with my love and a glass of wine!

Until the final reveal!

Your Designer, and Modern Boho Mom,



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