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Weekly Round-up: Design Inspo, Fiction Reads, Nature, Biz Social, Marketing Plan, and Local Travel

I've been wanting to start sharing my weekly finds, reads, inspo, and interesting happenings. Basically sharing all of the cool stuff that I've discovered or experienced during the week, and if you are a Modern Boho Mom or lover of design, I'm betting it just may interest you too!

Super Cool Interior Design Product

"The award­winning, innovative Galley Workstation is much more than a sink, it is a super­functional, smart and stylish workstation where prepping, serving, entertaining, and cleanup can all happen in one convenient place. It is ideal for any indoor or outdoor kitchen and works perfectly in both large and small kitchens. The workstation is available in six sizes" to fit any Kitchen island or peninsula.

I have a project coming up where I get the awesome opportunity to come up with the initial plan and interior and exterior design concepts for a new build passive home, and they want it to be European casual modern. They want their Kitchen to have something that made it really special and interesting without being pretentious. I think I may be onto something with this stylish workstation set up!

kitchen workstation large sink modern versatile

modern versatile kitchen workstation sink

modern versatile kitchen sink workstation entertaining

Design Project Inspo

I was searching on the web to give my client visuals of various options for finishing their cathedral/vaulted ceiling. I saved these wonderful examples of painted tongue and groove or shiplap boards, adding painted beams down the spine and sides, or adding both!

And I can't help but drool over that entire Kitchen...so gorgeous with the ceiling, the green cabinetry and those glass cabinets, the sconces, and the antique table to name a few. 💚

green kitchen tongue and groove cathedral vaulted ceiling antique table wall sconces

vaulted cathedral ceiling painted beams round chandelier white

living room vaulted cathedral ceiling painted beams and tongue and groove boards

Latest Fiction Read

My hubby bought me a fiction novel, American Dirt, to mix in with all of my self-help and business books I read. It had rave reviews all over, so he thought I'd be sure to enjoy it. While it wasn't a happy story, it was such an emotional, eventful and well-written page-turner that I finished it in two days! After the first terrifying seven pages you just can't put it down. A breathtaking story of a mother and son who endured the most horrific tragedy and their seemingly impossible journey escaping the country with their lives. A tale of grief, finding strength in the worst times, a mother fighting for a life for her son, all in the setting of cartel controlled Mexico. I strongly recommend it. It's a story that anyone who is lucky to be born in North America just needs to read. A new and timely American classic.

fiction book american dirt

Nature Walk

Last Sunday my love and I enjoyed a wintry walk on the Lynn Valley Trail just outside of our town. We lucked out being the first to walk it after the snowfall, and it was so peaceful and just good for the body and soul. Turn up the volume to hear the crunch of the snow as we walk...I sooo love that sound!

Business Social

Since November I've been part of this most amazing co-working community called Groundswell. Couple Jess and Adam have created this place full of positive energy, inspiration, motivation, and support for entrepreneurs and remote workers from all around the county. They host a FamFeast at the end of each month, where all members are invited to have lunch together, and it is just lots of fun. After we feasted on the awesome pot luck spread, you can see the two architectural designers and I geeking it out on architectural tech. Justin was showing Caroline and I his new architectural 3D camera capabilities on his Ipad. 📏 It was very cool, and we can see lots of applications and potential for it!

co-working office space entrepreneur collaboration social architectural design

Pass It On - Business Inspo

I worked out of Groundswell on Wednesday this week, as was Sam from Moxy Media, who was planning out her own marketing and business strategy plan for the year. Being a Marketing and Biz strategist I was asking her questions and talked about her plans. It was something I know I need to do as well, but just hadn't done yet. So she has inspired me to finally tackle mine this week (it's in progress and is sitting in front of me as I write this blog!)

I was also entertained watching her standing on a desk chair while another entrepreneur held onto it for safety so she could take her flat lay photo for social. Check out her post where she talks about what she did, but also make sure to swipe and see what it takes for those shots! 🤣 And what a great shot it is! It's like she knows what she's doing!

moxy media year marketing plan strategist

Local Travel

I discovered a company called Cabinscape that makes tiny off-grid cabins in the woods across Southern Ontario. They currently have 7 wilderness cabins and 5 cabins at their newest wellness and adventure retreat called Cabinscape Camp (opening July 2020).

You have to watch the video I first saw shared by @ontariotravel on IG...I couldn't copy it here, but go watch it. Really, go now! You will love it! And while you are there make sure to give them both a follow!

cabin in the woods sunset tiny off-grid cabin southern ontario

tiny off-grid cabin in the woods

I'll leave my weekly round up on that relaxing wintry note.

But hey, please let me know what you think! Are any or all of these things interesting to you? What kind of things would you love to see? I'll be sure to include a wide range of things as we go on, and it will be about things that interest or inspire me during the week.

Be sure to subscribe and you won't miss my latest blog posts, and any other exciting things I will have in the works (once I'm done writing them down on that business plan first!). Now I better get back to it. 😊

Your Designer, and Modern Boho Mom,

Ramee xo

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