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Modern Vintage Front Porch and Garden Plan - One Room Challenge ~ Week 1

Say what? Nobody is more surprised than I am that I registered myself last minute as a Guest Participant for the One Room Challenge Spring 2020! To anyone that isn't familiar, its a bi-annual celebration of creativity, inspiration and ideas, with everyone sharing the process of transforming a room. It's documented over six weeks and shared through blogs and IG with links to the 20 Featured Designers and all Guest Participants at ORC.

It wasn't originally part of my Spring 2020 plan, but heck, whose plans haven't changed over the last two months? So instead of dwelling on what had to go to the wayside, I've been looking out for new and exciting opportunities. This one just lined up right and seemed meant to be. This challenge originally was supposed to begin in April, and was postponed. With quarantine and having some time to focus on my own home a bit and seeing my overgrown front gardens needing work, I had already begun planning a transformation of our modest 1968 bungalow's front porch, facade and garden. I had already made a mood board and ordered some of the items, so when I happened to see the launch of the One Room Challenge on IG on Thursday it got me thinking. So while I may be a bit late to the first week blog post and social part, I figure I'm already doing it anyway, so why not join this wonderful community, share, and have some fun! And hope I don't freak myself out with the deadlines...but maybe that's a good thing?!?!

So let's have a little trip down memory lane to see the little updates and garden growth in the last 10 years since I've lived in this vintage abode...

Here is what it looked like when I took possession in 2010...very much basic 60s carried on from the original owners.

Some shrubs were removed, lots of new plants were added including ivy, elephant grass, and perennials topped with mulch, a shaped garden bed was created along the driveway, the shrubs were trimmed lightly for a more natural look, the screen doors were updated, and the original doors were painted.

Over the years it to grew in quite nicely with minimal maintenance. I may have repainted the garage door three times trying to find a warm gray but with the extreme light of the southern exposure, I ended up going to a jet black last Summer. I replaced the roof and painted the front door teal. This is what it looked like in May 2017 -

And here's what it looked like by September and October of 2017.

It was starting to get a little out of hand, and I may have gotten lost a couple of times while trimming down the jungle ;)

jungalow front garden women in garden plant lover

In the Spring of 2018 I did a budget Patio refresh with mostly thrift store finds and shopping my house.

woman on porch wine glass patio life relaxing

After the porch refresh it became our evening spot to decompress once the sun shifted to the back. But as you can also see here, the plants were starting to come in over the windows, walkway, and even the patio itself!

Last Spring we redecorated the back patio and transformed it into an outdoor living room and dining room. And with that space and all of the preparations in the backyard for our wedding this past September, the front yard and jungle were left to take over...literally.

ivy gone wild overgrown ivy on porch ivy takeover

The only thing I did out front last year was paint the garage and side door black, and the front door the same emerald green as the backyard shed.

midcentury front door green door ivy on house

So here we are in the Spring of 2020, with quarantine and business restrictions, homeschooling with two teen boys, hail and snow (in mid-May!), and now designing with myself as the client and getting ready to transform our front porch, facade, and gardens!

So this is our not pretty early April 'Before' pic... this Spring garden cleanup is going to be a doozy. 🙈

before pic exterior spring garden red brick midcentury bungalow

We're planning on removing several of the overgrown shrubs, slowly hacking away the evasive elephant grass, adding modern shutters, a Mid Century style porch privacy fence, and incorporating garden grasses and rocks.

To see what I have I have in mind, here's the concept rendering...

...drum roll...

one room challenge orc spring 2020 guest participant

r design studio rendering home designer pro interior design exterior design midcentury modern modern vintage exterior red brick bungalow
Our Modern Vintage Front Porch, Facade and Garden Plan!

And here's the Mood Board I've put together showing some of the elements including some of the Porch Decor.

r design studio mood board interior design norfolk county modern vintage exterior design concepts midcentury modern

For decorative architectural elements, we are going to be adding a Mid Century style porch privacy fence and new modern shutters. I'm hoping to make a planter box for the side of the porch, relocating some wedding present chairs and an old table from the backyard, and adding a new decorative outdoor rug and planter. I would love to add this fountain/sculptural element to the garden bed (but we have to see how the budget goes), and I have some finishing decorative accents I hope to source and add once stores open up a bit more. Oh, and we will finally add some house numbers again...our house has been without for several years. I bought some black modern numbers for the side door last Fall and never got to installing them yet, and I'd love to add some larger ones to the fence like shown on the mood board.

So....what do you think? I'm so excited to have it done and finally having the curb appeal I've always wanted. (Just maybe not as excited for all of the in between making it happen parts!)

But it will be worth it!

Your Designer, and Modern Boho Mom,



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