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Why You Should Start Planning These Interior Design Projects Before The Fall

As the seasons shift and fall approaches, it's a prime time to consider revamping your living spaces. Certain interior design projects are particularly well-suited for planning before the cooler weather sets in. Today, we'll highlight the types of interior design projects that are ideal to start planning before or at the beginning of fall, ensuring that your spaces are transformed and ready to welcome the new season in style.

Kitchen Renovations: Fall is a popular time for gatherings and entertaining. If you've been considering a kitchen renovation, starting the planning and design process now is a wise decision. A kitchen revamp can involve layout changes, appliance upgrades, construction and cabinetry trades - not to mention selecting material, furniture and decorative lighting. By initiating this project early, you can ensure that your kitchen is both functional and visually appealing, ready to host holiday meals and cozy gatherings.

This Kitchen was designed with a new layout complete with new appliances and given an upgraded look with herringbone laid tiles, beveled subway tile backsplash, dark base cabinets and white uppers for a modern traditional style.


Designer Tip:

The sooner you can finalize the kitchen layout and your appliance needs the better. You want to have the most options when shopping for appliances to suit the look, budget, and availability considerations. The closer to the holidays, the more delays and less stock comes into play. Also, it never hurts to act on a sale knowing exactly what you need.


Fireplace and Mantel Makeovers: As the temperatures drop, a fireplace becomes the heart of the home. If you have a fireplace or mantel, consider planning a makeover before fall. Whether it's a fresh coat of paint, new tile surrounds, enhancing the mantel's decor, and perhaps a new insert, starting now gives you time to create a cozy focal point that adds warmth and a beautiful focal point to your living space.

This wood-burning fireplace was given an update with paint, shiplap cladding and concealed wire management, a honed granite hearth and new wood mantel.

Outdoor Upgrades: If your home could use new windows and doors before the cold weather hits, time is quickly running out. Same for any siding and roofing updates. Along with the visual appeal, improving the energy efficiency has never been more important. Redesigning your exterior now allows you to potentially squeeze those updates in the schedule before the snow really starts to fly.

Sampling of an Exterior Design Photoshopped Concept Image and Mood Board, with espresso windows, iron ore board and batten siding and matching soffit, fascia and downspouts, and wood siding for a Modern yet nod to Midcentury look.

Bedroom Retreats: Fall is synonymous with coziness and comfort. Transforming your bedroom into a retreat that complements the season and your style requires thoughtful planning. From selecting warm-toned bedding and drapery to exploring lighting options and furnishings that create an inviting ambiance, starting the planning process now allows you to curate a bedroom haven where you can unwind during the cooler months.

This primary bedroom was designed to exude Modern Deco casual elegance. Greiges, ivorys, greys, with touches of pecan, and a mixture of textures and patterns with brushed golds, glass, and mirror.

Guest Room Upgrades: If you're expecting guests for the holiday season, now is the time to plan any upgrades for your guest room. Whether it's a fresh coat of paint, new bedding, or adding functional storage, early planning ensures that your guests will have a comfortable and stylish space to enjoy during their stay.

Repurposing existing bedside tables and lamps from other rooms, it was a simple stylish update with fresh lampshades, headboard, bedding, drapery, and artwork to now welcome guests.

As you prepare for the arrival of Fall, certain Interior Design projects hold more significance than others. By strategically choosing projects such as kitchen renovations, fireplace makeovers, exterior updates, bedroom retreats, and guest room upgrades, you'll be ready to embrace the new season with spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and inviting. So, as the leaves start to change and the air grows crisper, take advantage of this transitional time to plan and execute interior design projects that will enhance your home's beauty and comfort throughout the fall and beyond. We offer customized design packages to best suit your level of service and budget. Book a Clarity Call to chat about your project and determine how we can help you love the home you're in!

Yours in Design,

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